Why should I care?

Our spam filter fortunately spares me the more outre offers of Viagra, off-shore gambling and chances to liberate cash from Nigeria.

But the flow of offers from recruitment agents, IT solution providers, water cooler outlets and bizarrely a vet supplier that ping monotonously into my in-box suggests the standard of much B2B content marketing in the UK has barely risen above the scatter-gun.

As a buyer, I am more likely to respond if a B2B supplier applies a few of the basic rules of content marketing:

• bothers to tailor their message to me

• tells me an interesting story

• chooses not to clog up my in-box uninvited – but uses more nuanced social media channels (or even pays to reach me through targeted ads)

• gives me a persuasive reason why I should choose them over their competitors

When digital channels offer so many ways to establish long-lasting relationships with customers and stakeholders, it’s depressing that many businesses continue to fall back on the numbers game. Throw out enough generic e-mails goes the theory and perhaps something will stick.

And the tone of so many of the communications makes it worse: the cheery first name greetings from complete strangers; the pseudo terse business speak – “Hi, Bob here, know you’re busy…. “; the self-important recitation of dull facts – “we increased our headcount across all core divisions!”;

Frankly, who gives a @*$$?

And yet, as a business, we are of course sometimes in the market for great recruitment solutions, IT support and fizzy water. (I’m not so sure about the cat food – but maybe in time).

Before wasting their time and mine, could the marketer please just put themselves into their customer’s place and answer one simple question:

Why should I care?