One of the great pleasures of immersing yourself in a fictional work (be it book or film) is the sense of separation from the norm that is everyday life. You can be transported to weird and wonderful worlds, defy the laws of known physics, become or experience something that you could never do in... Read more
With the sound of Edith Piaf and cries of ‘junket’ ringing in our ears, we trudged off to the Eurostar in London... Read more
Each month at Redhouse Lane, members of the Design and Editorial teams take some time out to discuss current... Read more
All media is social – or should be.  As in any conversation, you need to listen as well as speak, and there’s a... Read more
How do you introduce a new set of values to 30,000 employees in 15 languages, across 89 different businesses and... Read more
I won’t stretch the analogy too far, but staff use of social media in the public sector seems to be following a... Read more
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We had a lively discussion in our studio the other day about all those 'guff' phrases you hear that mean absolutely nothing. The ones where... Read more
At the turn of this year, while picking yet another grey hair from my collar, it struck me that 2013 marks 25 years of this agency working for... Read more
It’s the buzzword du jour. Apparently, we all need it, but do we, as internal communicators, understand what “it” is? We asked our own IC... Read more


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