A tradition of public sector communication

For over 28 years, Redhouse Lane has helped government departments and agencies to inform and engage the public, stakeholders and staff.

For over 28 years, Redhouse Lane has helped government departments and agencies to inform and engage the public, stakeholders and staff.

Our first work was to design A Strategy for Nursing for the Department of Health way back in 1989. Since then, we have worked on hundreds of projects for government clients.

We are pleased to continue this tradition, with news that we have been selected for the Government’s new Communications Services roster – for creative development and editorial.

We’re delighted. We think government communications are some of the most important, challenging and rewarding work there can be.

Our service is honed around the particular qualities that government require:

  • pragmatism, flexibility and creativity

  • demonstrable value for money

  • service – we understand the pressures that public sector communicators face and do all we can to make things smoother

  • SMART objectives

  • multi-channel solutions

Here are a few of the highlights.

1995: Ministry of Defence relocation

From 1993-5, the Ministry of Defence relocated its procurement agency from London to new offices in Bristol. The move was designed to modernise the agency and bring about a new culture and new ways of working.

Over that period, we ran a full internal communications campaign to support the change programme and help staff with a range of practical information and advice.  This included regular news features, local information rooms, staff surveys, a guide to the West Country and finally – the commemorative brochure when Abbey Wood – their new HQ – was opened by the Queen.

The campaign won a Design Effectiveness Award for Internal Communications.

1998: DTI – UK Online for Business

1998. These were the days of CD-Roms, 56k modems and phones the size of handbags.

The world was on the verge of a technological and social revolution – one that still reverberates today.

UK Online for Business was the government initiative designed to wake up SMEs to the business potential of the new technologies.

They commissioned us to develop a range of content to explain, in simple layman’s language, the opportunities and the practical realities of how to plug into the potential of the digital world.

We were well placed. As an SME ourselves, we’d gone through the very same learning curve.

The campaign won a Communicators in Business Campaign Strategy award.

2001: Benefits Agency newspaper

The Benefits Agency employed some 70,000 staff across the UK.

The role of its internal newspaper – BA News – was to help bring the agency together and build a shared vision and culture. One that avoided corporate speak in favour of plain talking, realism instead of hype, and good humour throughout. (Which is why our journalists loved writing for it).

And for over ten years, it did exactly that. When the Agency was merged into the Employment Service in 2001, the final edition – the 128th – went out in style with an affectionate homage to the agency, its people, its culture (and Peter Blake).

The newspaper won numerous Communicators in Business Newspaper awards – from journalism to illustration.

2008: Department for Children, Schools and Families content migration

The pioneering DCSF was developing new, targeted communications channels for tomorrow’s digital citizens and educational professionals. But the scale of the task was daunting.

Over the years, the Department’s web content had grown exponentially, with little clear structure or process.

So they came to us to help plan, populate and launch the new e-channels.

Over 18 months, our team of web editors reviewed, edited and re-organised many thousands of pages of content, standardised the tone of voice and tagged items to make them easier to find.

And they established a clear content strategy with new content guidelines, standards and processes for efficient delivery going forward.

2014: Department for Work and Pensions – Pension Changes

New State Pensions was the biggest reform to the pension system in generations.

To publicise the change, DWP chose Redhouse Lane to develop a range of creative concepts and messages. After testing, we developed a preferred route and then created the collateral for national roll-out including on-line advertising, billboards, press, radio and events.

Working to a tight budget, tight delivery and with Ministerial approval required at every stage, the project was delivered within four weeks.

Public response was encouraging: 40 million page impressions on the campaign home page with a 19% click-through rate; an 82% rise in the use of the online pensions tool; and an 111% increase in pensions statements issues.

2016: NHS England – Pioneer Programme

Across England, work is underway to develop new and different ways of joining up health and social care services. By delivering more services in the community and closer to people’s homes, the aim of the 25 Integrated Care Pioneer sites is to transform the health and care system.

We have supported the programme, with content and design to help join up, engage and inspire all participants and stakeholders from social media to conference support. Shared learning is at the heart of the programme.

The Annual Report for 2016 showcased the achievements to date – with a range of people-focused case studies, fifteen filmed reports, a social media countdown campaign and a range of shareable content for the next stage of the journey.