Is the business world ready for 2017?


January is always the time of self-reflection, bold aspirations and new beginnings. Gyms are busier, pubs are perhaps that little bit quieter and, for entrepreneurs writing grand plans in local coffee-shops, it’s a time of huge excitement.

So, what can business and Government departments do to make sure they are fighting fit and ready to tackle anything the New Year throws at them?

In many ways, the world has never looked more uncertain. The leader of the free world is (to put it mildly) an unknown quantity, we do not know what Europe will look like in 12 months time and the UK economic outlook fluctuates dramatically depending on which publication you read!

At Redhouse Lane, we believe that despite all of this uncertainty, brands and businesses need to be more confident. More assertive about what sets them apart and simpler in the way they communicate. The design trend from last year is likely to continue. You only need to look at the identities of brands like Deliveroo, Co-Op and Nat-West to see that the principles of design heroes like Bauhaus, Saul Bass, Harry Beck and Paul Rand are as relevant today as they were 40 years ago. These identities aren’t retro. They’re utilising classic design principles and adapting them to meet the needs of today.

The important distinction is that in 2017, there are a lot more avenues and channels available to communicate with people than 40 years ago. So, from a communications stand-point, brands and businesses need to think simply about who they need to reach and what they want them to think, feel and do about a particular topic. If you understand that, you can cut through the information overload and make an impact.

In a world of endless information and noise, a focus on how your organisation is helping make a difference is crucial. So, whatever you’re planning in 2017, remember to stick to that. And keep it simple.