Cyber crimefighters

Richard Lomax Editorial Director
Cybercrime is "one of the greatest global and strategic challenges of our time."

What’s the Deal? Why we don't know what's good for us

Richard Lomax Editorial Director
New research from electrical group Rexel, a Redhouse Lane client, has found that more than nine in ten people have never heard of or don't understand the government’s Green Deal.

Capturing a moment: photography by phone

Simon Hooley Account Director
It’s said that a picture is worth a thousand words. It’s odd that we are a mere click away from putting this to the test everyday with our mobile phones, no need for a fancy SLR here.

How to commission art for industry: an illustration

As an art director, one of the most exciting parts of my job is commissioning bespoke illustrations to convey a message through conceptual imagery.

The allure of university status

For the very first time in the UK, a profit-making institution has become a university. The College of Law – the country’s biggest provider of legal education and skills training – is now officially the University of Law.