Ideas that make a difference

When your audience is overwhelmed with choices, the difference you make is what makes you stand out.

You need your audience to understand how you make a difference. Not just how your product or service can benefit them, but how you’re helping make a difference for people, planet and society.

For more than 25 years, we’ve helped our clients find that ideal and weave it creatively throughout every communication. From the colours you use to the way you write, from routine emails to nationwide campaigns, we’ll make sure the difference you make is always shining through.

Meet the team

Talented. Eclectic. Imaginative. Client focused. Pragmatic. Expert. Award-winning. Service-driven.

Our story

Jeremy Redhouse sets the agency up in 1989. Three decades on, he is still with the agency as Chairman

The first challenge is what to call ourselves. Calliope? Pangaea? Too pseudy, and no one can pronounce them. Then, the Damascene moment: while filming cadets on manoeuvres at Sandhurst, Jeremy lunches the crew at an idyllic country pub on a leafy country road called … Redhouse Lane

Our first commission is for the Department of Health. A Strategy For Nursing marks the start of a very long, stimulating and purposeful relationship with the NHS: we are still proud to count them as clients today

Our first film commission: a promotional video for Poopscoop. Useful practice for our seminal work a decade later on AWG’s Biosolids

The Wonderful World of Puppies: our first retail offering sells 3,000 copies in two months (on VHS!) to puppy lovers worldwide

Our first Design Effectiveness Award – for the Ministry of Defence – who use their relocation to Bristol to embed good design into their working culture

Our first international award: The New York Festivals Award for our film on data security for the National Hi-Tech Crime Unit

Torrential storms hit Britain, downing trees and disrupting power supplies. Our crew is out filming the damage for EDF Energy within 4 hours of the call

The first Redhouse Lane staff wedding. Two more weddings and three babies (we think) soon follow. Congratulations to all staffers

Our first Augmented Reality production: a tour-guide app for Saint-Gobain’s Innovation Centre

Our biggest health project yet: 16 films shot on location around the country and edited in six weeks for NHS England to celebrate pioneering new ways of working


We’ve created some great work for some great purposes, some of which gets recognised at great shows… the rest gets pinned on the fridge at our homes.

Redhouse Lane Communications